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SANAM Soap Industries

Our Installed capacity is about 1500 Mt per month. We now hold about 25 % market share, and it is steadily growing. Our brands san Soap, Super Nampula have achieved good consumer acceptance.

SANAM Oil Industries

We are now among the largest producers and sellers of refined palm oil in Mozambique.Starting from Humble beginnings, we now have a 30 % market share, which is steadily growing. Our Oil is well accepted by customers for its quality, and taste.

SANAM Cotton Industries

We are among the biggest concessionaires for Cotton growing in Mozambique.We have concessions for more than 50000 hectares, and we buy more than 25000 Mt of Cotton every year. We contribute more than 50 Mn $ to the Mozambican economy and the farmers.

President of Mozambique's Visit

Hi Highness Armando Emílio Guebuza President of Mozambique visits our plant.


Trade Enquiry

Transport Business is one of the latest additions to ever expanding portfolio of group business.

TV Commercial

We have now grown into a large conglomerate with business interests in Cotton production Ginning,Exports,Palm oil refining.


Highly impressed by his good efforts in group co-operative farming, and as a token of appreciation for his sincerity, hard work and passion for progress of Mozambique...