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Gein Group - Real Estate

Seeing the Mozambican economy opening up, and entry of a large no. of foreigners and overseas visitors, the group sees a big opportunity in the Hospitality Industry. Keeping this in mind, the group has made investments in Land and buildings and constructed condominiums to offer a luxurious residence for the quality conscious visitor.

At Nacala ,a 50 bed hotel is currently operational.The special construction method using prefab techniques, has been used to get the hotel operational in the shortest period of time.
This hotel is the largest in Nacala, and is a high quality 5 star luxury hotel.2 apartment buildings have been bought in Nampula one of which is residential, and the other is being converted to a landmark 100 room hotel,expected to be operational by March 2017 The group has made further investments in lands at Nacala and Pemba, and plan to build Holiday Resorts.The group has also constructed 12 premium Luxury condominiums in Nampula,which has quickly become a landmark and much sought after.The group plans to construct more of these in the future.

Nacala Plaza
Condominio Fatemah


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